Friday, October 9

:: baring & menaip ::

Wah lame gile xupdate blog..rndu rase nye..haha =p
So today, 9th of October 2009 is most important date for me..
Why.??bcoz today is my first kapel month ngn cik
Orait ak cite dlu cmne kitorg kapel..
I’ve known her quite long time ago..(eceh padahal 5sem yg lpas~)
Time 2 ak part1..dy commander kesatria platun ak..
So we’ve spent several time together achuly..
After 2weeks, she disappeared.. lost from my satellite..
Pelik kn.??
I tried to find her but seems no positive sign..

Til cuti sem lpas, ak nk pdam num yg da lame kt nset ak then ak cek sape lg num yg ‘idop’..
So I called every single number yg ad dlm fon ak 2..yg mnjadi mnarik, her num still available..
Terjadilah suatu conference between us..
Itu mnjadi titik tolak hubungan kami..
Then sumthing happen to me yg mmbuatkn dy dkat ngn ak..
Maken dkat,dkat dan dkat..

I’ve crushed on her.!!
Special date in this year ( 09/09/09 ) I take a big brave to propose her..
For the time being, ak tggu dy bg jwpn..
Mlm 09/09/09 tu ak kne support bdk2 pompuan klas ak maen futsal..
So mcm agak bz mlm 2..then dlm kul 11.45, I try to call her but no answer..
‘hancur hatiku,mengenang dikau..’ eh bgurau pulaak.!!
Dlm kul 11.55 cmtu, she started to text me..
Dy trase sket cz ak bz sgt arini..
Achuly dy ad nk bg ak sumthing dat day n ak ad keje laen..
So she just send mms to me bout the thing yg dy nk bg ak..
Alangkah gembira nye apabila saya mendapat tahu yang dia sudi menerima saya..
Eseyh bhse formal la plak..adoy2~
So that is the story of us..
Today is our first couple month..
So far everything run smoothly..
Ad sket minor2 probs tp still bleh solve..
Sum1 told me
‘ awk xkn lame ngn dy sbb dy rmai kwn laki’
I want to make a statement, sy da matang..
Dy ad kwn laki n sy ad kwn pompuan..
As long as u love sum1, kwn xkn jd ap2 mslh..

Thanx for loving me.!!
I do luv u deeply in my heart.!
‘there’s only 1 thing,2 do,3 words,4 u..I LOVE YOU’

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