Wednesday, March 31

:: iTs uSuaL ::

whenevr in critical part, i owez see u wif him..its usual..yes it is..but if i were u, i wont do the stupid thing cz it will hurt u..if i knoe two person loves me, i cant satisfy both heart n i'll live my life with the most valuable one.. in this small world, u cant hv both sides.. so u need to choose either one of them.. the common principle is one will win and one will get hurt.. now u choose..every simple thing u done is every part of choices.. every part of choices is seem to be wt u belong.. i've tried to discovered this thing but surely, no ending.. i've used to be in the same situation many times.. so i knoe everything u've done.. to her, i knoe dat i'm hurting u a lot but i doesnt meant to do dat..everytime i make a joke, is the simplest way to remember our memory.. dats wt i him, juz be nice..dont be rude man..

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