Saturday, April 9

:: iT's 18th CouPLe aNNyvErsAry, L'amOuR ::

Long Time have not updated this blog. according to today's date. today is our anniversary on 18. An alarm was setted just for it. But a thing happen. Just a little bit misunderstanding. But i think its ok now. Haaa ckp psal 'OK' ni, have anyone know what is the history of 'OK'.?? According to Miss Stobery (February, 2011), the word 'OK' was exist since World War 2. A soldier will say ZERO KILL if none of his men down. After several times, the word was shorten to 'OK' means O : ZERO, K : KILL.. Biya, do you believe that I have become your soulmate over the past 18 months of your life? For me, I do not believe that our relationship had reached 18. the times is running fast. However, there are many more that we need to learn in our relationship. Attitude, responsibility, sense of belonging, and many more. Believe me, my life will not be complete without you. You're a rainbow and colors to bring into my life. I love you very much. Some otders for you to study hard, achieve your goal, remember the sacrifices of your parents, do not create problems for them. I'll always besides you whenever you want. So tomorrow i've a job as medical team at Klang. RM40 for half day. Weeehuuu~ (kn best kalo jd personal trainer..) oooops~ i love to teach people.! <3 <3 <3 ok sweetheart, epy couple month yg ke-18.! I dunnoe well in English grammar but i tried..hehe~ tolong cek kn grammar sy eh Teacher Nabila.! love u lah.! papehal Teacher text sy ea.? Teacher tau kn num phone sy.?? poyo gile.! ngiahahaha~

!!.jumpe lagi.!!

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