Friday, June 10

bad day

written whole-heartedly by: nabila


hello. it was about 8 a.m on a fine morning and i had just been woken up from a deep sleep (sounds pretty good huh? but read till the very end!). i woke up at the very right side of bed, which contributed to my mood swing. i felt as good as the beautiful sunny day. later that i made my mind and decided to visit library as there was tonne of workloads need to be done. such an excited little kids on their first day to school, i took my bath. moments later, after done with everything i moved my steps out along the way to the house of books (literally means 'library'). 

tap.. tap.. tap.. tap.. (apparently, my steps sounding like these :P)

with the aimed of approaching the library, i wrongly landed my shoe into a small hole outside the entrance. and courtesy of that, i felt down! thank you very very much! between my legs shaking and my ridiculous giggling, my immature nervous habit were driving me crazy, and i prayed that nobody else noticed. there wasn't a familiar face around to comfort me. poor me trying to keep the tears from streaming down my face. 

finally, i managed to collect myself enough to stand up, and tried to look good before made my way down to the spot i intended to be in. i was there alone. the tears burned the back of my eyes, and soon they were dancing upon my cheek. i could feel the 'serve you right' looks even though there were no people laughing at me. what a perfect beautiful day right? 

till we meet again, bye bye!

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