Tuesday, June 28

like mother like daughter

written whole-heartedly by: nabila


hello there world! yess, i am a great fan of anwar hadi. he's cool, man. check out all of his videos on youtube. i mean, now! i envy him, really. he's studying tesol somewhere in aussie, and we share almost the same field of studies. well, tesol and tesl are classified under one particular category right? but, i can never be as confident as he is. poor me.

let's get this entry started. here is this woman i know. she is an angel, but she doesn't wear any wings.
her smile makes me want to sing. she has changed my whole world.

my dearest mom. she's an angel in disguise. i love her to bits. oh, bonus question for all of you - do we look alike?

what? no? ouch you make me sad. hmm. till we meet again, bye bye!

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