Tuesday, June 14

#1 what is your style?

written whole-heartedly by: nabila johari


today i will talk about fashion. hey no worries, it's not that i'm gonna ask you guys what is fashion any ways. i just feel like sharing my ideas on what i like and what i dislike. as we noticed, every human being loves to look good, pretty, beautiful, handsome and all the words that clearly state the same meaning.

well, i don't like fashion. i don't even care about it. to hell with those pretty blouses, colourful bags, and adorable scarves. huh, like i couldn't live this real world without them.


okay okay it was a white lie, i heart fashion damn much! let's see what is my sense of fashion straight away - sophisticated.

yes this is so me. sophisticated people are similar to elegant and classy people, although money means less in sophistication. a dignified grace in appearance is all that matters; people will think of you as intelligent and mature. it's somehow a thing that u're not naturally born with but there are always tips to build elegance in yourself. moved to what i dislike, hmm, let me think of this. i think i don't like too much things all over my body. let me get this straight, i personally believed that less is more. so be it.

do tell me, what is yours? till we meet again, bye bye! 

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