Wednesday, June 15

#2 what is your favourite movie ever?

written whole-heartedly by: nabila


okay for this moment, let's take a walk down to the memory lane with me. well to be honest with you people, i am actually a geek with love for comics, superheroes and most things science-fiction and fantasy. and i am somewhat obsessed with the lord of the rings trilogy. for those who have read the books a hundred times or watched the movies, hearing tolkien’s words leads images, times, and places to mind. when i hear, “not all those who wander are lost,” i think back to fairly ten years ago when i first experienced middle earth. i go back to where i was at that point in my life and where i have gone since. i think of aragorn and arwen; of immortality, romance, and prodigious storytelling. there are ample of reasons why i adore that movies so much than any other movies. really.

till we meet again, bye bye!

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