Tuesday, August 9

who holds the key to your heart?

written whole-heartedly by: nabila


a thousand miles seems pretty far.
i pray for the kind of love people say exists.
i pray for the kind of love full of picnic baskets and bike rides and lollipops.
i pray for the kind of love that will last a lifetime.
i pray for the kind of love filled with kisses on the cheek and blushing and warm embraces.
i pray for the kind of love that makes you see stars.
i pray for the kind of love dreams are made of.
i pray for the kind of love full of laughter and long talks and a deeper conversation.

but since i don't have that yet, there must be things i need to do alone. all on my own. sendiri. sorang. embracing this time of singleness that, i'll admit, seems to stretch oh so very long! perhaps i'm not ready yet for the kind of relationship i desire. perhaps, my future husband isn't ready. maybe we both need to grow or things need to happen. truth is, i don't really know.

and lastly, i pray for the man of my dreams to come find me. 

okay. that's pretty much about it. mengada kan? yeah right i know exactly what you think. but when we look back, semua orang berfikiran sama. sape je taknak kisah cinta yang macam cerita korea or hollywood? sweet gila kot. but before that, you have to find the right person first. sebab cinta ni berkaitan hati dan perasaan. you can't simply give your heart to anyone because a heart is so much more than just some body part - it is essential for living. a person can loose their eyes, ears, arms, legs, and even a kidney and yet still be alive. but if your heart goes out, so do you. the same is true not only for the body, but for the soul and spirit of a person. if your heart gets hurt, abused, taken advantage of, betrayed, or is easily won over, then it will be severely broken, or even die if not taken care of immediately. it is so precious and fragile, and yet so complicated. dan sebab itu, jangan takut untuk bersendiri untuk tempoh yang agak lama. gua pon dulu lama jugak single. takde hal pon. gua pegang satu prinsip je dulu, bercinta untuk kahwin. bukan saja-saja-nak-kapel-sebab-tengok-orang-lain-pon-ada-bf. kenal, kawan dulu dengan semua orang. masa tu lah nak filter and reject orang. don't rush things. tu je pesanan dan amanat gua. lastly, today is my 23rd monthary with my love one. do pray for us people. doakan kami dijodohkan untuk satu sama lain. thank you in advance.

till we meet again, bye bye!

p/s : i miss you :'(

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