Wednesday, May 25


written whole-heartedly by: nabila


someone who meets the following ten requirements is my best friend:
1) someone whose family loves me like my own family does
2) someone who will tell me the truth even when i don't want to hear it
3) someone who will stand up for me when no one else will
4) someone who can seriously talk about things with me
5) someone who makes me feel good about myself
6) someone who never would let a boy/girl come between us
7) someone who always has my back, even when i'm wrong and she/he corrects me
8) someone who laughs with me and my unfunny jokes
9) someone who pulls me back to reality when i've gone astray
10) someone who cares about me and accepts me as i am

anyone who meets the following will be automatically disqualified:
1) anyone who leaves me stranded and alone at shopping complex
2) anyone who talks shit about me to my boyfriend
3) anyone who cuts me down just so they feel better
4) anyone who gossips about me to make them feel better
5) anyone who doesn't truly want the best for me
6) anyone who makes me cry
7) anyone who thinks they are 'too cool' for me
8) anyone who calls me a bitch
9) anyone who spreads secrets i've entrusted to them
10) anyone who cares about their hairdo more than they care about me

if you meet these requirements please contact me :)

why can friends be so hard? they can either lift you up or they can make you feel worse than anyone else in the world. i feel like we're in an abusive relationship. we always go back and forth fighting over the dumbest things. with college progressing, it gets really hard to not have that one solid, stable best friend. but i do have my lovely girlfriends and i heart them very much!

till we meet again, bye bye!

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