Wednesday, July 6

get away

written whole-heartedly by: nabila


i love it when the weather is semi hot and semi cold. it's warm enough to wear shorts and singlets, but also cold enough to be wearing sweater and jeans. i love it! and i recently just started falling in love with blouses. it seems that they can make every outfit look just simple, but sweet indeed. it just what i think personally. now, back to business. was thinking about clearing my mind off little things. wanna get myself out of here for at least, a while! cause now i am indulging in some well deserved me time: struggling with keeping up with college at the moment, but we soldier on. trying to see a silver lining in every cloud, but struggling to find it in my family, my boyfriend, my friends and my life. but i know it's there, i'm just looking too closely. 

oh yes, for god willing i'll be visiting sabah next week! yaaaayyy to me, and to my boyfee and his friend too (ubel). thanks ubel for inviting us along with you. and hopefully ili can make it and join us. 

*happy mode* till we meet again, bye bye!

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